Body Armour



JPA IA Police Bulletproof Vests are manufactured using premium quality materials and are capable of providing protection against small arms and handguns and providing both front and back protection. Enhanced protection against gun threats can also be achieved by upgrading these bulletproof vests with specific armor plates, available separately. The jacket combines high protection with low weight and excellent torso coverage.

  • Adjustment straps on shoulders and sides provide a firm and comfortable fit with Velcro
  • Water repellant and washable outer cover.
  • Maximum flexibility & movement.
  • Removable ballistic panels
  • Pockets for additional hard armor inserts
  • Sides protection without overlapping


The JPA IIA Police Bulletproof Vest provides front, back and side protection. The vest can be used as a concealed shield and externally with high visibility features. Agile reflexes and quick reflexes are the most desirable traits in police officers and special forces agents involved in maintaining law and order. These tactical vests are manufactured using high-performance fabrics for the outer shells and a heterogeneous blend of bullet-resistant materials for protection against handgun ammo.

  • Ultra-ergonomic design with side overlapping
  • Lightweight structure & High visibility fabric
  • Reinforced stitched ends for better durability.
  • Washable and water repellant outer cover.
  • Maximum flexibility & unrestricted movement.
  • Durable concealed pockets for Armour plates.
  • Size adjustment on the shoulders and sides by Velcro.


JPT IIB front opening provides comfortable protection from the front, back and sides. Front opening with two size adjustment areas provides a perfect fit. It is designed for operations that require additional equipment and supplies when requested by police officers. Flexible, snug-fitting armor panels facilitate ease of movement and maneuverability in tight, congested urban terrain, while at the same time providing effective protection against handgun ammunition.

  • Front opening vest and shoulder and waist size adjustment
  • License & two accordion pockets
  • Elastic waist belt for a snug fit
  • Reinforced stitched ends for enhanced durability
  • Concealed pockets for soft Armour inserts
  • Epaulets on both shoulders
  • Mesh lining for extended wearing comfort
  • Water repellant and washable outer cover

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