Body Armour

Flotation Over Vests


The Floatation Inflatable JFL I A vests are Designed to provide spine and head support, to the wearer while afloat, mitigating fatigue and tiredness. The inflatable design ensures keeping the body on the water surface and perfect for marines, coast guards, and other marine law enforcers. With basic Level IIIA protection, flotation over the vest can be upgraded using up-Armour inserts to counter higher threats.

  • Full torso coverage
  • Removable and waterproof ballistic panels
  • Adjustable, shoulder and waist, for added comfort
  • Pockets for additional hard armor inserts
  • 15 kg buoyancy at dead load
  • Detachable from vest for repair and replacement
  • Puncture and water-resistant buoyant ballistic material for dependable protection and performance


Floatation over-vests are in high demand amongst marines, coastguards, and operators involved in coastal security. Providing basic Level III-A protection against handgun ammunition and a possibility to increase the protection through add-on hard armor inserts. These vests are manufactured from highly water-resistant materials, unique processes, and technologies that help them in maintaining buoyancy along with other desired characteristics under rugged and harsh sea environments.

  • Full torso coverage
  • Pockets for additional hard armor inserts
  • 15 kg buoyancy at dead weight
  • Wrap-around belt to prevent the vest from riding up while in water
  • Puncture resistant, water-resistant, buoyant ballistic material for dependable performance & protection
  • Quick drainage of water
  • Plastic buckles closures allowing regulation and ensuring a reliable grip

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